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- Thermomechanical calculations of structures by finite elements (linear or non-linear)

- Calculations in numerical simulation of mechanics of linear or nonlinear structures, 3D multi-contacts, elastoplastics in large displacements and / or large deformations,
- static or dynamic calculations, stationary or transient thermomechanical calculations, seismic checks (exchangers and industrial covers), vibration calculations, fatigue calculations, linear or elastoplastic fracture mechanics, propagation, rapid dynamic calculations, shocks, violent transients ... ;

- Materials: mainly steels, but also concrete, composites, hyperelastic, isotropic or orthotropic;

- Constitutive laws: all types of hardening.


- 2D or 3D thermofluidic calculations, complex geometries, incompressible and compressible, modeling of the boundary layer, first and second order turbulence models.
- All types of heat exchange with the surrounding environment
- Movement of solids in fluids

Title 6


- Weak or strong thermo-mechanical coupling
- Fluid / structure coupling
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